Welcome! I set up this blog to share the challenges and lessons I have learned in struggling to have it all as an ambitious high achiever.  Through this blog, I share strategies that I am testing and applying to overcome obstacles I encounter to achieving the things on my bucket list.  In doing this, I am hoping it will:

  • inspire you to make a bucket list (if you haven’t already) and
  • help you achieve the things on your list.

I have always lived my life like an extreme athlete – tackling the next challenge with excitement, optimism, and a deeply-held belief in my ability to succeed. While attending law school, completing my Master of Laws, and writing my bar exams, I trained on the National beach volleyball team and competed in FIVB World Tour events with my sister. While raising two young children, working full-time and starting a side business, I successfully completed my PhD in law and published several academic papers and books.

Does it sound like I am superhuman?  Well…I’m not. Shortly after two sudden and devastating losses in my family, three years ago my extreme sport style of tackling life caught up to me; I couldn’t keep up the pace and my body crashed.

I am now working on finding ways to continue achieving “the next big thing” while incorporating more self-care and mindfulness into my life. I want to be able to sustain my high achieving pace of living because I know myself: I am not happy unless I am setting the next big goal and working my way towards it.

So if you are a high achiever and you have found this blog, stick around and get to know me. I hope the strategies I share here will help you achieve the things on your bucket list!

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