Busy and Overwhelmed? Maybe You Should Add Something Else to Your Already Full Plate

I work full-time, I have two young children and I am completing my PhD in law in my free time.  On paper, I don’t need to add anything to my already very full plate so when my sister asked me to look at starting a side business with her, I was thinking: “Are you kidding me?”

I was talking to a friend about my sister’s side business and my friend wanted to try the sample my sister had sent me: “Why not, right?”  My friend loved the product, so I jumped in with my first customer.


Although adding another thing to my very busy life seems like a bad idea, since I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, this opportunity has helped me check “starting a business of my own” off my bucket list.

Although adding another thing to my already full plate seems intuitively like a bad idea, it has helped to turn my life around at a time that I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed out. Prior to starting this side business – in addition to all the things I had on my plate – our family had experienced two very sudden losses of loved ones and it had taken a toll on me physically, emotionally and mentally.  My new (ad)venture brought many thing into my life that I had been missing, including:

  • Excitement – I was excited to learn about new and different things from anything I had ever done before.  I have been learning a lot about sales and marketing and using skills that I developed in other areas to build my little business.
  • New dreams – I started dreaming again about a more positive, fulfilled future for myself and my family.  I started focusing on positivity and self-development, which is just what I needed at my time of overwhelm.
  • Less stress – I immediately started to feel less stressed financially and more hopeful about the future.  In launching this new business, I was taking control of my finances  I also deliberately changed my self-talk from: “We can’t afford that” to “We will be able to afford that soon.”  This small shift in self-talk and perspective really started to turn things around for me.


Starting the side business did add something more to my plate, however, I was able to repurpose time that I had been spending on other unimportant things (like Candy Crush!) and use that time to build a business. In the same 14 waking hours I have in each day, I am able to use my time to achieve something I’ve always wanted to do.


By the way, within five months of me starting this venture, I managed to draft the last 3.5 chapters of my PhD dissertation and hand in the full draft!!!  Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Having the courage to start checking things off my bucket list reinvigorated me and got me excited about my life again.  It also had a ripple effect and helped me complete other things much faster too.

Is there something that you have on your bucket list that you are really excited about?  Post a comment below – I would love to hear about your bucket list items! 




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