Defy the Statistics and Naysayers with Grit

I met with a friend of mine for coffee last week. I hadn’t seen her since university and it was so great to catch up. She’s an amazing person – the kind of person that walks in the room and everybody notices. She is tall, stylish, and looks like a model. Even more importantly, she’s intelligent, funny, humble, and super cool – the kind of person that makes you think: “How is she so cool? I wish I could be that cool.”

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Why a Dream Board is like a Plate of Nachos…


Recently, I watched a great talk by a multi-million dollar earner in my company who talked about the power of a dream board. He has a rags to riches story. He talked about how, as a time of extreme debt, he created a dream board about owning a vacation property in Hawaii and even brought sand from Hawaii to his office. He downloaded Hawaiian music and surrounded himself with pictures of Hawaii and his dream property. Sure enough…this dream board helped propel him to continue making his business profitable and he ended up buying that dream property within several years.

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Busy and Overwhelmed? Maybe You Should Add Something Else to Your Already Full Plate

I work full-time, I have two young children and I am completing my PhD in law in my free time.  On paper, I don’t need to add anything to my already very full plate so when my sister asked me to look at starting a side business with her, I was thinking: “Are you kidding me?”

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